My work and exhibitions to date have been largely thematic. In recent years, I have found myself using elements of biology, gender and sex as inspiration. My 2011 exhibition at the jamjar, Dubai, used a fusion of two mediums, ceramics and painting, in order to introduce to the Art world of Dubai a more public discussion of sex. The holistic approach to my exhibition was seen from the number of individual ceramic blocks, 69, to the images on them. These ceramic blocks were at once dissimilar, due to the nature of their images, and similar, due to the use of ceramics. Equally, they were highly sexual, yet retained a boundary of propriety apt for their social context, due to the discreet nature of their images. Thus, the creation of this work meant that I was using and simultaneously reacting against my social context.   

Exhibition 101
Go to the corner
Decal detail ceramics
Go to the corner
Stages of decay ceramics
Honey Bee
P**** detail
Go the corner
Honey Bee with additional piece
Honey Bee
Wedgewood decal
Architectural drawing detail
Pain au Chocolat
Erotic Park bench
Orgy of ceramics
Nude censored
Nudes censored
Butterflies and nudes
Chelsea bun
Playing with my ship
Playing with my ship and nude
Forget me not
Forget me not
C*** with playful butteries
Wide open
Ceramic detail
Vintage Blue
Vintage Blue
101 Exhibition close up
101 pots
101 Ceramic detail
Vintage Blue
Go the Corner  at thejamjar
Go to the Corner pre show collection