A more private work was again a reaction to my societal context. Using a range of photos I found on Grindr, I created a body of work. This time, I was keen to explore how dismissive our ‘thumbnail’ society is towards intimate images, but also the confidence individuals have in displaying these images in the first place. I began by taking a screenshot, which was filtered through SketchGuru, and then used these images for drypoint etching and painting. The obvious private nature of this work has meant that, in an almost bizarre fashion, I have felt some form of rapport developing with my subjects. The interesting element of this work, however, is in the exploration of developing an image. The initial images themselves were predetermined by the stranger, in the same way an Artist determines their work. I then pushed them further, in order to highlight the private-public dichotomy that appears to be central to our society.    

2014-05-28 15.01.33.jpg
2014-05-28 15.01.14.jpg
2014-05-28 15.02.15.jpg